SlipShaft™ (Patent Pending 61/328.182, 61/384.721) is a revolutionary spear design technology invented by Sean Lunasco in Hawaii (2010) primarily for the spear gun fishing industry. SlipShaft™ spears are so revolutionary because its body section in cases of a spear gun shaft or Pole Spear has the ability to slide well away from the break-away spear head along the leash (tether)/shooting line so the secured struggling prey has less of a chance to damage the spear shaft or Pole Spear. SlipShaft™ also improves the tension setup provided by the leash (tether)/shooting line to hold our uniquely designed break-away spear head on the shaft's front-end by using a revolutionary design. This revolutionary design allows routing of the leash (tether)/shooting line in an entirely different way than most are use to and ensures our uniquely designed break-away head seats snug and flush on the front-end so it will not separate unexpectedly or when it is not suppose to and significantly reduces wobble. SlipShaft™ technology also allows the shaft to not serve as an integral component of the overall leash (tether)/shooting line restraint system thus reducing points for failure.


SlipShaft™ has two primary models; Tube Shaft & Solid Steel Rod.

  • The Tube Shaft model can be produced using carbon fiber composite tubing which drastically cuts down on the spear's overall weight unlike traditional spears which are commonly made of solid steel rods producing a much heavier spear in comparison to a hollow shafted one. The tube section of a SlipShaft™ is not limited to carbon fiber (we just chose carbon fiber tubes to produce our prototypes) as other rigid tube materials may also be used; ferrous or non-ferrous metals, alloys, polycarbonate, graphite, titanium, fiberglass to name a few. More info click here.

  • Solid Steel Rod model can by produced entirely by us or our key components can be used to convert your existing steel shafted spear to make it perform with SlipShaft™ technology. More info click here.

SlipShaft™ technology may also be utilized in similar applications (i.e. crossbow hunting, archery bow and arrow hunting, harpooning, drilling retrieval, mountain/tree/building climbing, rigging, electronic cabling or any other sport or application that involves the use of a spear and tag/keeper line).



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